Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Apprently my baby is a hot commodity

As of today Im 16 weeks 1 day pregnant with a perfect little baby girl. Although this baby is a complete shock I couldnt be happier. It took some getting used too and my husband is still not totally over the shock as I said we thought we were too old and were done with babies after Camryn. So Ive been a little pissy and hes brought up abortion a few times. I tell people and this is the response Ive gotten. Oh thats too bad well what about adoption?? WTF? Well if your husband doesnt want another baby maybe you should consider his feelings and not keep the baby. I know a wonderful family who would just love to have a little girl. Im totally shocked its just like when I was 19 nobody has bothered asking me what I want. All they see is that since my husband isnt totally on board and I already have 3 healthy children i should just sacrifice my child and give it to a wealthy infertile couple. It seems like if your not 35 married and making a million plus a year you dont deserve your child. Well people sorry to break it you but Eden (unborn baby) is not up for sale. Yes I know the agencies would basically salivate at the thought of a healthy blonde hair blue eyed baby girl. Whats the going price for a healthy caucasion baby girl these days $100,00 to $250,000. Im not a breeder and this baby is all mine and Im not loosing her just because someone with an agenda feels they are better suited I fell into that trap once not again. Now look at it this way Im 30 years old married and my husbands family is rather wealthy but because my situation is not ideal i.e unplanned pregnancy (yes even in marriage pregnancy can be unplanned) martial problems because of said pregnancy and having my hands full with 3 children Im having adoption shoved down my throat. Imagine being young and being scared they have way more amo to use against those poor girls. I already fell into the adoption trap once I know the horror. I shudder when I see girls in my birthclub write a post about being young and scared and adoption is right away brought up. I wanna shake them and tell them how it really is but they dont listen because for every single one fact truth I speak they are fifty myths spouting the lies the adoption industry spouts. So heres the point of my ramblings this evening. If they can do it to me whos in not such a bad situation can you imagine what they are doing to a young girl who feels her situation is dire. They cant get to me I know the horror I know the pain but these girls dont they are going to fall hook line and sinker.How can we protect these girls so the next generation isnt reeling from the pain most of are living in every single day because no one was there to protect us?

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  1. By standing up, fighting adoption for any reason that is not the last resort. We are the ones that should end this - us, the mothers of the past.